Back To Future: Sencha ExtJs Fragments

Some code fragments can be extracted from Open Source Sencha ExtJs library help. E.g. things related to Enterprise Data Connectors functionality and brothers like "AmfRemotingProvider", "RemotingMessage" etc. This can be performed manually. The page exists for lazy persons to automate process and make it faster.

Provided tool is Windows HTA based application. Basic requirements are Windows, IE 4+, Sencha ExtJs SDK 4.2+. Process is simple:

1) Download and extract somewhere Sencha ExtJs SDK to local hardrive.
2) Download extjs_fragments.hta application somewhere to local drive and start.
3) In HTA application specify ExtJs home path and output folder and click "Extract" button.
4) Wait 10 minutes.

Note: Program doesn't provide any user friendly functionality, so Sencha folder and out folder should exist on target computer. Also it doesn't bother with IE loading issues in clean way so it expects computer with average performance like 4-5 years ago or better.

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