DJ BPM Counter

version 1.0


BPM Counter is a simple Windows program to calculate beats rate for certain musical track also known as BPM (beats per minute). There are many free BPM counters implementation over the Web, I also created my one, hope you will enjoy it.

The idea is very simple. Start track, you want to calculate BPM. Then beginning at the first beat, click left mouse button on each beat. For example one-two-three-four, one-two-three-four, etc. Program automatically starts BPM calculation once you move mouse over clickable region (see picture below), and start clicking. As alternative variant you can use keyboard - SPACE or ENTER keys work the same way as a left mouse button.

To stop BPM calculation press toolbar "Reset" button or simply do nothing for 2-3 sec, and program will automatically stop and log last result into a history window. Also each 15 seconds application writes current BPM, time and beats information to the history window as well.

Application is able to calculate track key. Usually dancing music has 8, 16 or 32 key size. For example key with size 32 means that after 32 beats music will be somehow changed - by adding new instrument, or voice etc. In other words music like a sentence consits of a words, and musical word described by a key - a number of beats in this word. Key is important for DJ mixing, as two sounds should be synchronized by key as well as by rythm.

To measure key size, start calculating BPM as usually, and when you hear a beat corresponding to the begin of a new "musical word" click right mouse button instead of left one. Or press TAB key on keyboard. Key size information will appear in the left-upper corner of clickable region, ("Keys sequence" on the picture below).

BPM Counter UI

Download ~400Kb BPM Counter 1.0 minimal setup.
Note: Setup requires in MSI to be installed on system.
(Windows 2000, Windows XP). ~3.4Mb BPM Counter 1.0 full setup.
(Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0). BPM Counter Source Code on GitHub.

Russian instruction here.

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